Sale of new and refurbished machines, devices and tools
We can prepare a technological manufacture procedure based on your requirements.
Below are some examples of the technological procedures:
Example a): Do you have just a drawing or sample of the required product?

We will supply a machine optimum both in terms of the price and technology.
• Conventional lathe
• Metal spinning lathe
• NC-controlled lathe
• Circular scissors, etc.

We will supply tools:
• Rollers
• Knives,
• etc.
• Circular scissors, etc.

We will supply the following devices:

• Moulds
• Clamping plates
• Drag
• etc.

Training in the use of these devices is a matter of course.

Example b): Do you have a drawing or sample of the required product and a satisfactory machine?
We will supply tools, devices and the complete technological procedure. We will provide training.

Example c): Already doing metal spinning but do not know how to proceed or are you suffering
                     a lack of work force?

We will arrive and provide training.

Do not be afraid of getting started with metal spinning. It can also be done on machines that do not cost
hundreds of thousands.